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We understand all the complexities of this process and how overwhelmed you must feel.

We're here to guide you through step-by-step where your school counselor leaves off and where you don't know how to begin.

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Our most popular option. We systematically provide students with unique and individually crafted services to meet each student where they are in the process and guide them successfully through their final steps of college enrollment. No stone is left unturned which allows us to achieve the best possible outcomes for the student.

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This services provides families the choice of where they use their resources to gain additional insight and guidance throughout the process. If you have a small budget for our services, this option helps you enlist our support when and where you need it most.

My Virtual college consultant

We're in the process of making our guidance even more accessible through an online course offering with the option to enhance your experience with live counseling sessions. Click the coming soon button to be notified when this option is LIVE! (....so to speak.)

parents said

"Bruce's approach was personalized and empowering. Our son learned more about himself and was able to confidently apply to all of his colleges early so he could enjoy his senior year".



I would recommend GCSA's services to anyone who is navigating this overwhelming process.

My son really enjoyed working with Bruce through the entire college process. He had no idea where he wanted to go and wasn’t able to go on any tours Junior year because of COVID. Bruce helped him form a list of schools, helped him to do research on his list and then worked closely with him throughout the application process. My son wanted to own the process and only work with Bruce (no input from Mom or Dad). Most importantly, Bruce helped him make his final choice based on a whole list of criteria. I would recommend Bruce’s services to anyone who is navigating the overwhelming process.

students said

"Bruce's approach was personalized and empowering. Our son learned more about himself and was able to confidently apply to all of his colleges early so he could enjoy his senior year".



Working with GCSA helped expand my college search.

Working with Bruce provided me with an extremely important outlet to expand my college search. Bruce helped me develop every single one of my essays that would eventually be turned into each school as well as reviewing decisions over whether to send in test scores or not. Bruce helped me down the path by guiding me and offering the best possible advice. If I ever had a question about anything I could send him a text or an email to get a quick and reliable reply. As a student, I would definitely recommend Bruce to help you with your college decisions. 



There was a clear process and plan.

I really appreciated the personalized attention. Dr. Neimeyer took the time to listen to what I wanted and found schools that matched that. The process of finding the right school and then applying to them didn't feel overwhelming. There was a clear process and plan.

Also, having all of my applications in by the end of October and knowing I got into my first choice school before the holidays was such a relief. I've been able to enjoy my senior year. Thank you for working with me.

meet dr. neimeyer

As the youngest of seven first-generation, college bound students, I've pursued a career that allows me to continue my parents belief in the transformative power of higher education by helping families achieve this goal for their children.

During my early years in this profession, after giving my admissions presentation, a prospective student's father expressed his gratitude for my thorough presentation. He explained how informed he and his student now felt and exponentially less stressed-out about it.

His comments affirmed for me that why I went into this career was actually working!

I was helping families and specifically students understand

  • what careers and college majors were of most interest to them,

  • where and what they could study &

  • how to create a strategic admissions application so that admissions committees could really KNOW them and improve their probability for gaining admissions.

a featured speaker & expert


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We are on a mission and building courses daily around important college search and application topics where students and their families need some additional assistance but aren't looking for help throughout the process. We put all of our years of knowledge into these online, self-paced courses so that students can feel supported but accomplish these steps all on their own. Subscribe to get notifications about these courses as they become available.



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