they said

Our son was accepted to his first choice but more importantly, he was not overwhelmed by this process and excited about this next step. We are delighted to see him ready for college.

Arman Z.

Student - Illinois.

GCSA helped me in ways I would not have known otherwise.

Bruce helped me in many different ways throughout the college application process that I would not have known otherwise. When discovering colleges, Bruce showed me multiple different sites and was able to get preferences from me that I didn't even know existed when trying to find the perfect fit, and I was able to discover colleges such as Duke and Rice that I had no idea would fit my interests so nicely.

Additionally, when writing my college essays, he gave me numerous forms of feedback, from simple things like sentence structure/phrasing to tens of different topics you can put on the dreaded "Why Us" essays.

Finally, as someone who is not very motivated to keep up with deadlines, Bruce kept me on track through persistent reminders to get my stuff done. Overall, Bruce provided me with many different forms of help to get me through one of the hardest times of my high school career, and I wouldn't have gotten into Northwestern without him!

Meridith H.

PArent - Illinois

Our son was accepted into all of the places he applied.

The college application process is overwhelming and complicated. The best thing we did was work with Bruce at Global College Search. From working with our son to identify what he wanted in a college to tackling college essays in a way that felt meaningful, Bruce's approach was personalized and empowering. Our son learned more about himself and was able to confidently apply to all of his colleges early so he could enjoy his senior year. Bruce continues to provide invaluable guidance in navigating the financial aid process. We are proud to share that our son was accepted into all of the places he applied. Working with Bruce was a wonderful investment.

I'm not sure how we can fully thank Dr. Neimeyer for his guidance and support. Our son is so excited about this next step and we are delighted to see him ready for college. Hopefully, we will see Dr. Neimeyer again when son #2 starts the process.

Harrions H.

Student - Illinois

There was a clear process and plan.

I really appreciated the personalized attention. Dr. Neimeyer took the time to listen to what I wanted and found schools that matched that. The process of finding the right school and then applying to them didn't feel overwhelming. There was a clear process and plan.

Also, having all of my applications in by the end of October and knowing I got into my first choice school before the holidays was such a relief. I've been able to enjoy my senior year. Thank you for working with me.